the perfect plate  

We’re proud that Little Handfuls Organic Mealtime Bites are part of a healthy, nutritious and tasty meal. A balanced diet for infants & toddlers, just like moms and dads, comes from a combination of nutritious foods that support healthy growth and development. These Perfect Plates offer suggested pairings to help maximize nutrition and mealtime for your little one!*

blackberry, date + oat plates

This bite – that sort of resembles a mini-muffin but is chock full of much better nutrition – is also wheat-free and gluten- free thanks to using oats and garbanzo flour instead of wheat flour.

apple, squash + quinoa plates

A savory bite with just a hint of sweetness from the apples, this flavor combo offers a healthy blend of fruit, vegetable and whole grains.

bean, rice + spinach plates

Fresh spinach, zucchini and caramelized onion add vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that help promote a healthy immune system and also give a nice color and texture boost to this bite.

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Parenting Community

We love being part of the parenting community supporting other moms and dads with our many approaches to caring for and feeding our own healthy children in a way that feels right. Some parents choose to introduce their child to all solid foods with self-feeding, while others prefer to first start with a combination of solid foods and purees. Whatever your approach to introducing solid foods to your child, we hope you find that Organic Mealtimes Bites offer a tasty, nutritious and easy part of their experience.

*Our Perfect Plate suggestions are for children who are developmentally ready for self-feeding. Always consult your pediatrician for more specific guidance for your child.