Our Story

Like most first-time parents we had a lot of questions about what to feed our son when he was ready for more than milk. After a lot of research, we decided baby led weaning was the best choice for our family. The benefits were a no-brainer: self-feeding improves dexterity, builds independence and confidence, develops healthy eating habits and lets us share mealtimes together.

Our C.T.O. -Jude
(Chief Tasting Officer)

It Started When…

When our son was 6 months old, we started giving him whole, organic food that was free of added salt, sugar and additives. We watched in delight as he explored the tastes, smells and textures of the food on his tray and we wanted to encourage those healthy habits with more variety. But as busy parents, we looked for ready to eat options at our grocery store and we were very unimpressed. The convenient options were pureed, puffed or pouched – not the organic whole food choices we were looking for. So we began experimenting with ingredients and recipes in our own kitchen and soon realized that the solution for our son could benefit begin-EAT-ers everywhere!

And Then

Up sprouted Little Handfuls Organic Mealtime Bites. Our products are made with conscientious parent standards – nutritionally balanced with premium organic ingredients that include complex carbohydrates, plant-based proteins, healthy fats and fruits or vegetables.There’s no added sugar or added sodium and all of our products are naturally gluten free and organic. The best part, they’re fully cooked and frozen so you simply heat and serve.